Day 19 – last day of 2014

We woke up to 15 degree weather in a ice fog and drive 250 miles in 8 hours. Stopped twice and saw over a hundred wrecks, flipped cars, jack-knifed trucks and collisions. We averaged 25 miles an hour and finally ended up in Soyona TX. We have a suite that’s big enough to be an apartment since it was the last room. On the way yesterday we saw this. This is a very imaginative and impressive statue at a rest area just west of Las Cruces, New Mexico off I-10. It is made from junk metal and is about 20 … Continue reading Day 19 – last day of 2014

Day 18 – “THE THING” what is it?

The billboards are not so numerous as they were forty years ago but there are still plenty of bright yellow boards as you approach Johnson off ramp, Exit off ramp, to urge the traveler to stop and see The Thing. Once inside the roadside gift shop the visitor can pay to see Mystery of the Desert and wander through rows of southwestern rugs, various figurines, agate bookends, belts, buckles and earrings or purchase a chicken basket meal, fresh hot coffee and ice cream at the Dairy Queen. Visitors to proceed through doors and follow the big yellow footprints on a … Continue reading Day 18 – “THE THING” what is it?

Day 17 and sick in bed doing 2015 Resolutions

It’s no fun having a head cold, it’s even worse when your on vacation. I told Marc I must be sick cuz I had to use sick time for my last week of vacation. It’s karma. Well Karma can just go on its way. These are things you shouldn’t have to buy in your vacation. We did get out to view some if the local sites. We went back to the Ranch to brainstorm in bed a few things for 2015. Many things are going on but work for me is so busy and I need to slow it down … Continue reading Day 17 and sick in bed doing 2015 Resolutions

Day 16 in Tucson

We found Tucson so beautiful on our 16th day of Vacation that we decided to stay and enjoy it a few days. Phoenix was big as it is the 6th largest city in the US, but when we came in Tucson, we fell in love with the scenery. I found a resort Ranch with history and a great price for our budget. Hacienda del Sol is a historic jewel. The story began in 1929, when John and Helen Murphey created Hacienda Del Sol; a desert retreat inspired by early Moorish architecture, with many personal touches crafted by the Murphey’s themselves. … Continue reading Day 16 in Tucson