Day 16 in Tucson

We found Tucson so beautiful on our 16th day of Vacation that we decided to stay and enjoy it a few days. Phoenix was big as it is the 6th largest city in the US, but when we came in Tucson, we fell in love with the scenery. I found a resort Ranch with history and a great price for our budget.

Hacienda del Sol is a historic jewel. The story began in 1929, when John and Helen Murphey created Hacienda Del Sol; a desert retreat inspired by early Moorish architecture, with many personal touches crafted by the Murphey’s themselves. The property was originally a “home away from home” ranch school for the daughters of society’s elite families. The prestigious school’s roster boasted names such as Vanderbilt, Pillsbury, Maxwell, Westinghouse, and Campbell, to name a few.

In the late 1930’s, renowned architect Josias Joesler was commissioned to rebuild and redesign sections of the ranch, adding his notable signature to many architectural details.

In 1948, Hacienda Del Sol was converted into a guest ranch that immediately attracted the Silver Screen’s most popular stars. Legend has it that the Hacienda’s Casita Grande was a favorite romantic hideaway of Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. Leading men John Wayne and Clark Gable both signed their names to the hotel’s illustrious guestbook.

We checked out the local casino and the whole town was there. No empty seats, long lines and lots of smoke. Reminded us too much of vegas so we didn’t stay long.

We went to eat dinner and headed back to the Ranch. I leave you with a few Ranch photos.




Special comments goes to my family; I miss you kids and we will see you some time this week. To Pete that’s in the hospital – my prayers are that they get you back on your feet fast.


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