Day 17 and sick in bed doing 2015 Resolutions

It’s no fun having a head cold, it’s even worse when your on vacation. I told Marc I must be sick cuz I had to use sick time for my last week of vacation. It’s karma. Well Karma can just go on its way.

These are things you shouldn’t have to buy in your vacation. We did get out to view some if the local sites.





We went back to the Ranch to brainstorm in bed a few things for 2015. Many things are going on but work for me is so busy and I need to slow it down a notch. We talked about hosting a few weekend workshops, starting a podcast with video, starting OTS Delivery company, and buying some land before summer to build a studio and small tiny houses to put the kids in.
Every year we make resolutions and try to do one or two but we pick five things to focus on and we think it’s good enough.


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