Day 6

Day six and its travel day. The weather channel shows the rain is leaving Cali and we woke to a snow blizzard. We waited for the traffic to die down and re-packed for our trip to Cali.

(Marc packing in the snow)

(Snow melting off the car)

We carefully left in the blizzard and before we knew it, it went from 30 degrees to 50 degrees and the snow was all gone. We went from having the heated seats on and then we had to put AC on while going thru the desert mountains.

(Leaving Flagstaff)

(Behind the snow plow)

(Forrest fire before entering desert)

(Desert cactus everywhere)





After hundreds of miles of no stops and no signs of life we made it.
3:00pm we made it to California. I’m like a kid in a candy store. We are hoping we planned this right as the kids get out of school tomorrow and we will be at Disneyland all day. We found a hotel outside the park and we will walk in and have an exciting day.

Here is us having fun at my company Christmas party. Thanks to Steven for sending it to me.


Calling it a night even thou its only 7:30 here and 9:30 at home. I probably won’t be able to sleep knowing what I want to do tomorrow.


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