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February 19, 2018

A models life is sometimes a secret life to most. Most don’t tells everyone they meet, “Hey I’m a Model!”. Many do modeling for different reasons. Most don’t last 6 months. But the few that get hooked and have the drive and dream to follow in a secret models life. For a photographer to find a gem, model or muse that can change their look to match the concept is rare.

Let me introduce a rare gem model Taylor that honored us in photographing her in all our crazy concepts workshops.

We first met her early 4am at a swimsuit workshop to come work with a makeup artist that she brought. Her personality was real, sassy and took our jokes well. She learned so fast and challenged herself and us to all ends.

Over the years she has modeled at so many concepts and then moved away. Then returned to model again on her own time and then married and returned to capture some maternity pinup concepts.

I can tell you from experience that most our models we work with have families, kids, are kids, and are moms of kids. There is no set stereo-type to being a model. There’s just a unique look.

Attached is a video of Taylor talking to new models interested in Modeling with Texas Photo Shoot Workshops Team.

Melissa Allen Dirzanowski

Special thanks to Taylor for giving us honest real friendship and bring the LOOK that everyone loves to shoot.

We hope that if you know anyone that has a drive or dream to model please keep us in mind when starting out. We offer a safe and professional opportunity to learn with a fun group.



February 8, 2018

Crazy Makeup is a Makeup Artists Dream to Work on Faces to create a masterpiece. We love hosting this every year see the photos that capture the art in each portrait.

This workshop was rescheduled to March 4, Sunday 2018. The Ratio for this workshop is small due to only a handful of makeup artists are attending. If more agree to come then we will open the spots for more models.

We at Binders Gardens Venue set up the big house for Texas Photo Shoot Workshops. They set up lights and unique backdrops to help capture this unique makeup workshop.

Any photographers wanting to attend only need their camera as we provide lights and triggers and setting for you for this workshop.

This is usually a great workshop to bring in new models and professional models to learn and grow their portfolio.

This is the workshop we capture before and after photos and put them together for the makeup artists.

Each photographer that signs up is given the photoshop template made by Mentor William Friend a few years back to help correctly help the newest photographer learn more about photoshop. It’s so each all you have to do is drag and drop the photo in place in a layer and edit the text provided.

February 5, 2018

Wet n Wild 2017

July 6, 2017

Happy Summer!! It’s going to be. Wet n Wild one this year!
We just finished our SOS. But we have more swimsuit shoots. We are hosting Friday and Saturday night Studio Photographer Workshop with all the lights setup. All you bring is your camera.

We have models coming to both that will be makeup ready for some High Fashion Swimsuit photos like you see done on America Next Top Model.
We have limited Spots left for Both workshop.
We have fake waterfalls, fake reflecting ponds, many pools set up and using gel lights and smoke and this year we are doing a Aquarium Setting in a few. It’s really elaborate all the props we make and the models go all out to make it memorable. 
Click here to register for Friday Wet n Wild
Click here to register for Saturday’s Wet n Wild

Join us for our first time ever “Buy, Trade, & Sell Photography Meetup. We host a meetup for photographers every month and bring out models to test toys with. We have been hosting these meetups for over 10 years.

July 2, 2017

This month we are doing something different.

Come join us for a cool meetup.

Want to Trade or Swap Photography items?

Want to buy some used photography items at a great price?

Want to sell some photography items that you don’t use anymore?

We have the place to do it.

Thursday July 13 from 7pm to 9pm come join the fun at Binders Gardens Venue.

Call for Tables & Chairs- 281-630-2854

FREE Photography Meetups – Texas Photo Shoot Workshops

January 13, 2017

Many photography groups started out on Meetup before Facebook was around.  But we still use it.  The app is even easier to use now.  Yes there’s a fee but many right it off as marketing as we do.

For those that missed our monthly FREE Photography meetup at – Mark Your calendar if you ever want to attend… we meet the second Thursday of every Month from 6-8ish and – it’s SW HOUSTON TEXAS area if your ever in the area.

NOW we have our Sponsor Houston Camera Exchange coming to let us sample new toys that we hope you can test and purchase in their store after learning how it works best for your clients.

I can hear you now say, WHAAAAA!!
Add us to your calendar!

We had a small crowd 20 come have a little fun with some cool lights shooting a few models.  

Any models that want to come join the fun are welcome.  
You can RSPV here and get reminders via email…

Check out Texas Photo Shoot Workshops APP..

Holiday Party in the Gardens

October 19, 2016

2016 will be ending with a bang and everyone knows we have a holiday party each year.  All our friends, family and guests are invited but this year we will have it catered by the Jay Cafe.  It’s a small fee of $25 and we will have fun activities at 2pm.  Dinner at 5 and our annual white elephant exchange gift ($15 valve) after dinner.

We will also repeat our yearly pass give away to attend all our 2017 workshops.  

Bring your camera because everyone will be shooting.

The gardens will be blooming and attire is Country Holiday!  Bring your boots and hats and BYOB
See everyone on Dec 10, 2016

RSVP by 11-26-17

Tickets can be purchased at


February 12, 2016

Thanks to all the Photographers that came out to the Photography Meetup we had at Binders Gardens. Check out the group photo we did in the Studio – shot by our International professional mentor Photographer Stella Coupe.  
Last night We had some drawings for a few give a ways. Simon Suen won the AM pass to our Pinup Workshop next week and Bill Margita won the PM pass for the Pinup.  

We also gave a yearly pass to all our 2016 Workshops and it was won by Bryce Carleton.

Congrats and many thanks to all that came out. I am humbled to have gotten to see you guys.


February 1, 2016

As a Photographer you should expand your portfolio as wide as you can and go outside the box to see what works for you.  

Photography by Terry Turner

Advertisers already shoot lifestyle photographer and if you want to sell your photos to stock photography sites, you might want to get into lifestyle phoyography more.

Editorial lifestyle is usually an action image or shows the model doing ordinary things such as talking on the phone, playing tennis, having a picnic or walking a dog.

We are being this opportunity to photographers this weekend at Binders Gardens Outdoor Venue.  We set up a Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Photo Shoot Workshop on Feb 6 from 3-6pm close to sunset.

We have new models and some really experienced ones coming to make this an amazing fun shoot.  We will have staged areas as always for your entertainment.  The studio will also be available to shoot models with a white backdrop.

We hope to see lots of models actions with Balloons, skateboard, fishing, boating, badminton, golfing, bike riding, gardening, picnics, running and fruit picking models.  They always surprise us with their talented actions.  And this is the shoot for models to turn into actors.


Photography by Terry Turner

If your a beginning photographer or a veteran photographer, we have Mentors to help and models to work with one on one.

To sign up for this low budget photography shoot of $30 is



January 28, 2016

Once a year we host a Teen Vogue photo shoot Workshop for teens 12-17. They get makeup provided with hair by signing up. Shoot three hours and some amazing photos to share.

We have teen models that come in from Dallas to Galveston to get involved in this shoot as this is popular with many photographers that shoot Seniors or want more Creative Senior photos in their portfolio to attract more Senior Clients.

This year the location is at Binders Gardens Venue in Needville. The shooting locations are endless as we will set up some cool props for models to shoot around.

In the past we have hosted this at Soccer fields, Golf Courses, Local Popular Parks, Downtown Discovery Green Park, one at Mercer and once before at Binders Gardens. We are exciting to do this again this year.

Photographers come to shoot sometimes with just their camera but we have Mentor Photographers setup Studio lighting outside to help many capture those amazing images that make the sky colors pop.

This is a very popular shoot and the best teen models are signing up since they don’t want to miss this one. We have the best makeup artist lined up already with a few more on stand by if we need a few extra.

Join us this year on March 6 to our annual Teen Vogue Shoot.

Photographers special dropped price is $75 – sign up link here:

Models ages 12-17 registration price of $50 – sign up link here:

Don’t forget to join our Meetup for Texas Photo Shoot Workshops and the Facebook Group.

We are giving away a free one year pass to attend all our workshops in 2016 for Photographers.


Also we have one free workshop on the books with only two spots left for it. Come to our monthly meetups on the second Thursday of every month at 7pm at Binders Gardens Venue in Needville.


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