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February 2, 2017

We have done a few concept shoots where the models where different tops to pull off different looks.  We are coming this all together with on Workshop and have them change a few times.

We will have Super Heros, Sporty College, Big Sweaters, Dress Men White Shirts and the ideas are endless. This will be hosted Feb 4, 2017 on a Saturday.  We called it “Sexy Shirt” Workshop.  Thou it’s close to a BOURDOIR with no lingerie. 

We will have four Lighting setups for you as a photographer to shoot at but you can also bring your own lights or shoot natural.

We are keeping this workshop small to get quality images.  Along with a few group shots of models.

If you want to join us just click here and register.

Hosted by Texas Photo Shoot Workshops.

If you want to model please email

State; name, workshop name, age, 3 photos

Keep Shooting!


FREE Photography Meetups – Texas Photo Shoot Workshops

January 13, 2017

Many photography groups started out on Meetup before Facebook was around.  But we still use it.  The app is even easier to use now.  Yes there’s a fee but many right it off as marketing as we do.

For those that missed our monthly FREE Photography meetup at – Mark Your calendar if you ever want to attend… we meet the second Thursday of every Month from 6-8ish and – it’s SW HOUSTON TEXAS area if your ever in the area.

NOW we have our Sponsor Houston Camera Exchange coming to let us sample new toys that we hope you can test and purchase in their store after learning how it works best for your clients.

I can hear you now say, WHAAAAA!!
Add us to your calendar!

We had a small crowd 20 come have a little fun with some cool lights shooting a few models.  

Any models that want to come join the fun are welcome.  
You can RSPV here and get reminders via email…

Check out Texas Photo Shoot Workshops APP..


February 17, 2016

Come learn more about Studio lighting and Pinup Posing. Or just come shoot to build your portfolio.We have 10 models for the morning session and 10 more for the afternoon.

We only do a pinup once a year. This is done in a large studio where we bring in the studio lights and you just come shoot. Come early and learn how we set them up.

Lots of openings for photographers this Sunday Feb 21 morning or afternoon or both – I will provide lunch.


February 12, 2016

Thanks to all the Photographers that came out to the Photography Meetup we had at Binders Gardens. Check out the group photo we did in the Studio – shot by our International professional mentor Photographer Stella Coupe.  
Last night We had some drawings for a few give a ways. Simon Suen won the AM pass to our Pinup Workshop next week and Bill Margita won the PM pass for the Pinup.  

We also gave a yearly pass to all our 2016 Workshops and it was won by Bryce Carleton.

Congrats and many thanks to all that came out. I am humbled to have gotten to see you guys.


February 1, 2016

As a Photographer you should expand your portfolio as wide as you can and go outside the box to see what works for you.  

Photography by Terry Turner

Advertisers already shoot lifestyle photographer and if you want to sell your photos to stock photography sites, you might want to get into lifestyle phoyography more.

Editorial lifestyle is usually an action image or shows the model doing ordinary things such as talking on the phone, playing tennis, having a picnic or walking a dog.

We are being this opportunity to photographers this weekend at Binders Gardens Outdoor Venue.  We set up a Beauty Fashion Lifestyle Photo Shoot Workshop on Feb 6 from 3-6pm close to sunset.

We have new models and some really experienced ones coming to make this an amazing fun shoot.  We will have staged areas as always for your entertainment.  The studio will also be available to shoot models with a white backdrop.

We hope to see lots of models actions with Balloons, skateboard, fishing, boating, badminton, golfing, bike riding, gardening, picnics, running and fruit picking models.  They always surprise us with their talented actions.  And this is the shoot for models to turn into actors.


Photography by Terry Turner

If your a beginning photographer or a veteran photographer, we have Mentors to help and models to work with one on one.

To sign up for this low budget photography shoot of $30 is



January 28, 2016

Once a year we host a Teen Vogue photo shoot Workshop for teens 12-17. They get makeup provided with hair by signing up. Shoot three hours and some amazing photos to share.

We have teen models that come in from Dallas to Galveston to get involved in this shoot as this is popular with many photographers that shoot Seniors or want more Creative Senior photos in their portfolio to attract more Senior Clients.

This year the location is at Binders Gardens Venue in Needville. The shooting locations are endless as we will set up some cool props for models to shoot around.

In the past we have hosted this at Soccer fields, Golf Courses, Local Popular Parks, Downtown Discovery Green Park, one at Mercer and once before at Binders Gardens. We are exciting to do this again this year.

Photographers come to shoot sometimes with just their camera but we have Mentor Photographers setup Studio lighting outside to help many capture those amazing images that make the sky colors pop.

This is a very popular shoot and the best teen models are signing up since they don’t want to miss this one. We have the best makeup artist lined up already with a few more on stand by if we need a few extra.

Join us this year on March 6 to our annual Teen Vogue Shoot.

Photographers special dropped price is $75 – sign up link here:

Models ages 12-17 registration price of $50 – sign up link here:

Don’t forget to join our Meetup for Texas Photo Shoot Workshops and the Facebook Group.

We are giving away a free one year pass to attend all our workshops in 2016 for Photographers.


Also we have one free workshop on the books with only two spots left for it. Come to our monthly meetups on the second Thursday of every month at 7pm at Binders Gardens Venue in Needville.



January 27, 2016

As a photographer, we hear that once or twice. And yes anyone can be a model for photographer but can they make money. That’s another story. Let us talk about how to get into model fast and furious. 

Spend 30 min a day on your dream by marketing yourself. You choice where to make yourself know at; Meetup Groups for Photographers and Models; Facebook Groups for Photo Shoots with Models; Model Portfolio Sites; Advertisers that need models; Designers that need models; Marketers that need Promotional models; Magazines contests that need contestants or even pageants that fit your niche. 

Make it happen! Meet those that are going to help you get where you are going. Go meet them and see if this is the direction for you. Ask other models for help and makeup artist where they get their jobs. Connect and help each other. Don’t forget to pass the information if ever asked.

New photographers and yes sometime veteran photographers need models for different reasons. I need them for workshops, new faces, advertising, cool concepts, and help build portfolios. Do I need the practice? Yes and No. If I take a long break from photography, you can lose some skills. So posting in groups that I want to update or build my portfolio is the first step. If you want to shoot with Veteran Pros, then you might want to have a great photo already to show potential. And yes, you might want to pay someone to get a few amazing photos. In most cases, this is how it’s done.  

Google is so informative. Make Google alerts for “Model Call in Seattle”; and if you live in Seattle, you will get an alert everytime someone makes a post. You can even now, go to Facebook and type this in on your search all for this and find them. Use your 30 min a day wisely.

 You can practice in the meetup groups on your modeling skills and build that portfolio fast. Make a wish list of different kinds of concept shoots you need and find the ones that suit you. If you already know what your niche is then focus on just that category; there are so many. You might not be a swim suit model but you never know til you try. 

After over 10 years’ experience, I can tell you the average life of a model is 6 months. They find that they aren’t thick skinned enough for the creepers that message them or the bad photos from the amateur photographers with no editing skills. If you can make it past 6 months then you can find it more fun and exciting all the different opportunities that each city holds for you. Once you get some photos, create a stage model name and create your model page. It’s safe and easy.

Every modeling gig should come with a warning, so do your research. Read when starting out to know the language and how to prepare.


  The possibilities are endless. Soon you will be building your Tear sheets with Magazines, Advertisements, Gigs, amazing trips, Fashion shows and new friends.

Soon you will have a model bag with things ready to go. Each city has its own groups and clichés that do different things and concepts. 

Find one that you fit in and make it a step into the Fun and Exciting World of Modeling. If Fashion Week is something you want to model in, I know one model that just drove there and walked in and walked for a designer and modeled in New York and Milan. Anyone can make their dreams come true. Just don’t give up.

Now take 30 min and make it count!

All photos are of Model Claudia Lara within a year of modeling.


December 11, 2015

MODEL Jennifer Rodrigues

Have you ever paid attention to all the hype of Marvel vs DC? I didn’t as someone thats not really into cos-play or comic, but some people like my kids know it. I couldn’t call my Super Hero Shoot Marvel or DC or really call it “Super Hero”, but I did. 

MODEL Courtney Williams

We do hope to find more super hero tees to collect, I do plan to have another super hero shoot again with Models in a new location. This seems more popular that what we expected.

MODEL Emily Fox


This is something as a photographer to have on their wish list. So, we planned it for at our HCR Hill Country Ranch Weekend Photography Workshop in November were we took 9 models and put them in these kids superhero shirts and modeled in a loft of a BARN.

MODEL Aria Rosemane

The models did an amazing job as their personality shined and they took on a new character. Some were like kids again and some rocked their tee shirts by added accessories, colorized shoes and makeup.

MODEL Kim Minervine

What you don’t know is, I didn’t let the models pick their character, as each had to reach in a bag and pick one blind. This was only fair since they all wanted to be Superman. LoL 

MODEL Amy Blackwell

Hats off to them all as they owned their character tee shirt and wore them proud as if they were handed picked for it.

MODEL Chantelle Lunn

This shoot lasted two hours as many photographers took turns shooting individual shots and then a group shot of them all.

MODEL Skye Boysen

I did a little something different in my photos as I turned the old barn walls into what looks like a comic art store or Comic Poster room. I picked the posters to almost match the models personality.


MODEL Claudia Lara

So whether you are into to DC comics or Marvel Comic, we shot a few favorites of each. Thanks for reading and to find more info on these type shoots, visits


October 27, 2015

For years we have rented many venues to do the Texas Photo Shoot Workshops. We have many times wanting one particular location and it was a small window to get it a few years ago, but it was snatched up before we could blink. Looking for a Studio again was one of our goals over the past few years and on our wish list was land that we could shoot on. Well our dreams have been answered and it’s not just any old land, it’s amazing and spectacular and grander and rustic and breath-taking and now it’s our home.  And it smells so good and it’s just very peaceful.

As we plan to move and still do our planned workshops, we have so many things we want to do with our new Venue. It’s been used as Weddings, Workshops, painting groups, tea parties and private company parties. 

 Now we are thinking outside the box. Our imagination is so big but not as big as our pocket books. So we will take baby steps and put all our resources and pennies into making it even more Enchanting without taking the county feel away one step at a time.  

To describe this location is not even going to do it justice and neither the photos that will be posted. The lake that covers the property is amazing as it sits in the middle of the surrounding chapel, big house, small office, gazebo, wishing well, several arches, several separate rose gardens, several sitting areas, water fall, boat prop for photos, wind mill, covered bridge and patio area all on 5 acres. 

This is our little piece of heaven.

 What is amazing is the history of this location on how this one couples dream was to have this for their family as sickness and death stopped them from fulfilling their dream. 

 So my goal is to keep the dream alive and just add a few touches to make it just want it was meant to be; enjoyed by all.  Next door there is a larger church and the other side is the local Restraunt that caters and across the street is Needville High School.

Thank you for all the wishes on our new place. Our friends and family are the best ever. We hope to have an open house soon for family at Thanksgiving and then our Grand opening for the public to come see bluebonnets bloom everywhere. 


We will still continue to rent different venues but we will also own one. We hope to use our resources and network to help offer many the opportunity to come shoot, and make memories at this NEW VENUE OF OURS.



October 26, 2015

  A few years back we started a tradition that many are keeping and shooting.  It involves talented makeup artists and models with attire to match.  

We shoot Sugar Skull concept shoot and this year we picked an outdoor creepy cool location with a forest feel and close to sunset to give that yellow glow to match.

Many think that Sugar Skull is a Halloween shoot but it’s about the Dat of the Dead or All Saints Day or as they call it in different cultures  Día de Muertos.  

This is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and acknowledged around the world in other cultures. 

The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey.

We had the pleasure of working with the best makeup artists in our area.  One is a celebrity body painter artist that was featured on the TV show Skin Wars ” Rudy Campos”, the most wonderful makeup artistry Alicia Perez-Guevara and Loren Higdon.  These MUAs made 12 models spectacular in hours.  

Photographers came from all over Texas and out of the country to shoot this amazing shoot.  We saw some photographers team up on collaboration that showed in their photos.

The models went all out with their attire and details in their head dress.  We saw them change in different outfits and many stayed late to get the deal sunset images.

I am in awe at the photos and the same concept from other groups all over the US.  

So until next year, we can’t wait to shoot the Sugar Skulls shoot again.


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