Model Trinity’s First Pinup

Photo by Michael Parthum
Photo by Michael Parthum

This is a blog about Trinity’s experience of her first Pinup Shoot. And we all know that this will not be her last.

Behind the scenes photo

Showing some behind the scenes photos from Instagram and some of her favorites. Sometimes models don’t come model with us because they think we are intimidating and I want them to feel safe and have the best experience to remember forever.

Life is hard and this is the fun stuff. Trinity came a long way and we are so grateful that she comes.

Photo by Roy Kasmir

We have the models come three hours before the shoot to prepare, review poses, pick out outfits, review facial expressions, when to come in and change, fix nails, get makeup -!: hair done. Many don’t realize that we even have safe words to help models get out of a location if they feel over whelmed.

Photo by Texas Photo Shoot Workshops

I make me cringe when other photographers feel like they know the model well enough to touch them. Or even asking a new model to touch another model is something something to make a model not return to model.

Behind the Scenes

Many don’t realize this and feeling safe if at our highest concern. Even thou we come in a big crowd, we can’t keep eyes on everyone so we have Mentors Photographers help watch this too.

Photo by Melinda Lewis

From: Model Trinity LaRoux

My Modeling experiences with Binders

I am a sports girl not a girly girl never did I see myself as a model. My junior year of High School 2018 we had a basketball photo shoot for a banner with a local photographer Zeke Bermudez who asked my mom if I would like to model he had been looking for a natural red head. (That’s hard to find in our neck of the woods)

Behind the Scenes

I did my first shoot with Zeke and was amazed at how pretty he made me look. He suggested I go to workshops with this amazing group and put me in touch with Mrs. Robin he knew that working with them as well as him would help me build my confidence and skills. He was 100 percent right,

Behind the Scenes

Ms. Robin is always so helpful no matter what it is we need she always makes you feel so comfortable. The models and Mrs. Robing are always helpful with choices in outfits, make up, hair words of encouragement. Everyone is just like a big family who boost you up. Photographers know to be on their best behavior and make you comfortable or Mrs. Robin would get them which I have never had an issue unless you count my laughter when they do anything to make you laugh.

Mrs. Robin always puts the models as a top priory making sure we have everything we need to be comfortable and the most important have a safe word, she works hard to always make it a great experience. I have gained so much confidence and this whole new outlook into this world. The models, photographers and organizers are all normal hard working people; I look forward to being a part of this group for as long as I can model.

Photo by Albert Legislador

I feel blessed to be included into this group of people, I may not get to make all the shoots since I am 18 & still in high school but, I make as many as I can cause this is such a wonderful experience.

Photo by Melinda Lewis

I will carry with me for the rest of my life and I will always aspire to be a just like all the wonderful people I met through this group. One thing I would want everyone to know is what I was told on my very first shoot, STAY HUMBLE.

Trinity LaRoux

Credits to Makeup by DollFace Studio – Jackie Parker and Hair by OnSite Design.

for more about the workshops see

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