Gearing down from our Annual Swimsuit SOS19

It’s been just a few weeks from our Annual Swimsuit #SOS19. We usually have our SOS around summer solstice. We get up early and show up at 4:30AM to get our cameras acclimated to the humidity, set up external light and sign in Models before they start shooting at 5AM.

We also make and set up big props to make some of the most amazing images. We out together Rafts, Canopy Beds, Fence lines, fake peer, teepee, flags, surf boards, and parachute shirts.

We had 50 Photographers, plus some helpers and 30 Models and their guests and Mentors to have a crowd close to 100 of us.

Right at the end of the shoot we got all the models left to get a Group Shoot. Usually we only shoot our workshops for 3 hours, but this shoot is over 5 long hours.

Models do always wear swimsuit, but surfing wet suits, high fashion, wrap in material, beach wear and at times costumes.

This past year we had winds of 20 mph and more at the beach which made it very comfortable. We weren’t able to attach some of our sheets and tents up because of it.

We also broke the Raft Stagy because of the gusts of winds but fixed it with some wood inside the pipes we used. We will have to lay to rest this Raft afterward since it’s unrepairable.

Every year we usually have one or two pregnant models that brave the early morning hours to come out to help us get some Maternity Beach images. We are also blessed to have repeating photographers and models that come back every year. Many come from Dallas, and other states.

Next year we plan to do a Sunset. This attracts more models as many sign up to come but as life experience from past SOS’s show is that it’s harder for models to get up early and come Model in a swimsuit. Our hats are off for the models that do come join this FUN shoot.

For more info and workshops go the

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