Crazy Makeup is a Makeup Artists Dream to Work on Faces to create a masterpiece. We love hosting this every year see the photos that capture the art in each portrait.

This workshop was rescheduled to March 4, Sunday 2018. The Ratio for this workshop is small due to only a handful of makeup artists are attending. If more agree to come then we will open the spots for more models.

We at Binders Gardens Venue set up the big house for Texas Photo Shoot Workshops. They set up lights and unique backdrops to help capture this unique makeup workshop.

Any photographers wanting to attend only need their camera as we provide lights and triggers and setting for you for this workshop.

This is usually a great workshop to bring in new models and professional models to learn and grow their portfolio.

This is the workshop we capture before and after photos and put them together for the makeup artists.

Each photographer that signs up is given the photoshop template made by Mentor William Friend a few years back to help correctly help the newest photographer learn more about photoshop. It’s so each all you have to do is drag and drop the photo in place in a layer and edit the text provided.

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