As a photographer, we hear that once or twice. And yes anyone can be a model for photographer but can they make money. That’s another story. Let us talk about how to get into model fast and furious. 

Spend 30 min a day on your dream by marketing yourself. You choice where to make yourself know at; Meetup Groups for Photographers and Models; Facebook Groups for Photo Shoots with Models; Model Portfolio Sites; Advertisers that need models; Designers that need models; Marketers that need Promotional models; Magazines contests that need contestants or even pageants that fit your niche. 

Make it happen! Meet those that are going to help you get where you are going. Go meet them and see if this is the direction for you. Ask other models for help and makeup artist where they get their jobs. Connect and help each other. Don’t forget to pass the information if ever asked.

New photographers and yes sometime veteran photographers need models for different reasons. I need them for workshops, new faces, advertising, cool concepts, and help build portfolios. Do I need the practice? Yes and No. If I take a long break from photography, you can lose some skills. So posting in groups that I want to update or build my portfolio is the first step. If you want to shoot with Veteran Pros, then you might want to have a great photo already to show potential. And yes, you might want to pay someone to get a few amazing photos. In most cases, this is how it’s done.  

Google is so informative. Make Google alerts for “Model Call in Seattle”; and if you live in Seattle, you will get an alert everytime someone makes a post. You can even now, go to Facebook and type this in on your search all for this and find them. Use your 30 min a day wisely.

 You can practice in the meetup groups on your modeling skills and build that portfolio fast. Make a wish list of different kinds of concept shoots you need and find the ones that suit you. If you already know what your niche is then focus on just that category; there are so many. You might not be a swim suit model but you never know til you try. 

After over 10 years’ experience, I can tell you the average life of a model is 6 months. They find that they aren’t thick skinned enough for the creepers that message them or the bad photos from the amateur photographers with no editing skills. If you can make it past 6 months then you can find it more fun and exciting all the different opportunities that each city holds for you. Once you get some photos, create a stage model name and create your model page. It’s safe and easy.

Every modeling gig should come with a warning, so do your research. Read when starting out to know the language and how to prepare.


  The possibilities are endless. Soon you will be building your Tear sheets with Magazines, Advertisements, Gigs, amazing trips, Fashion shows and new friends.

Soon you will have a model bag with things ready to go. Each city has its own groups and clichés that do different things and concepts. 

Find one that you fit in and make it a step into the Fun and Exciting World of Modeling. If Fashion Week is something you want to model in, I know one model that just drove there and walked in and walked for a designer and modeled in New York and Milan. Anyone can make their dreams come true. Just don’t give up.

Now take 30 min and make it count!

All photos are of Model Claudia Lara within a year of modeling.

One thought on “I WANT TO BE A MODEL NOW!

  1. I loved the writing topic, Claudia is amazing!

    2016-01-27 12:18 GMT-06:00 Gearing up TX Photographers :

    > thephotobinder posted: “I WANT TO BE A MODEL NOW! (HOW TO GET STARTED) > As a photographer, we hear that once or twice. And yes anyone can be a > model for photographer but can they make money. That’s another story. Let > us talk about how to get into model fast and fur” >


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