For years we have rented many venues to do the Texas Photo Shoot Workshops. We have many times wanting one particular location and it was a small window to get it a few years ago, but it was snatched up before we could blink. Looking for a Studio again was one of our goals over the past few years and on our wish list was land that we could shoot on. Well our dreams have been answered and it’s not just any old land, it’s amazing and spectacular and grander and rustic and breath-taking and now it’s our home.  And it smells so good and it’s just very peaceful.

As we plan to move and still do our planned workshops, we have so many things we want to do with our new Venue. It’s been used as Weddings, Workshops, painting groups, tea parties and private company parties. 

 Now we are thinking outside the box. Our imagination is so big but not as big as our pocket books. So we will take baby steps and put all our resources and pennies into making it even more Enchanting without taking the county feel away one step at a time.  

To describe this location is not even going to do it justice and neither the photos that will be posted. The lake that covers the property is amazing as it sits in the middle of the surrounding chapel, big house, small office, gazebo, wishing well, several arches, several separate rose gardens, several sitting areas, water fall, boat prop for photos, wind mill, covered bridge and patio area all on 5 acres. 

This is our little piece of heaven.

 What is amazing is the history of this location on how this one couples dream was to have this for their family as sickness and death stopped them from fulfilling their dream. 

 So my goal is to keep the dream alive and just add a few touches to make it just want it was meant to be; enjoyed by all.  Next door there is a larger church and the other side is the local Restraunt that caters and across the street is Needville High School.

Thank you for all the wishes on our new place. Our friends and family are the best ever. We hope to have an open house soon for family at Thanksgiving and then our Grand opening for the public to come see bluebonnets bloom everywhere. 


We will still continue to rent different venues but we will also own one. We hope to use our resources and network to help offer many the opportunity to come shoot, and make memories at this NEW VENUE OF OURS.



  1. I am only 45 min from their 🙂 I googled up the sat view and it is cool. Best wishes and count me in when I can get away from work.


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