I still can’t believe I made this happen. It’s been a few years since we did this very detailed workshop.  It’s not easy and very time consuming and hot days to set up.  We did it in a shoe string budget and pulled it off just to get the shot!  We must be crazy.  I had hopes of doing another one but at this time it’s just too painful to think about.  LoL

We had a group of Mentors come and help creat the scenes for this.  The planning and details are all written down.  We learned since it takes so long we have to eat early at 3 or 4 so we can get to midnight without falling on our faces.

The makeup by Samantha Loesch and models have to start early and the details are always crucial.  We set up a schedule of rotation and our only issue is to wait til it’s dark.  Thou we start at 8, it’s really so we can test out the detuals before we all can’t see what we are doing.  By 9pm it’s the perfect time to get amazing photos.  

We didn’t really bring in too many photographers – just enough to cover the overhead and those that worked 13 hours to get that one or two amazing photos.

We had a above ground pool that we ran smoke across ad gelled the lights to give that Blue effect.  The models got a better reflection of they got their face in the water.

We had a reflection pond we made and set a jungle feel and I had tested out my black tape concept on one of the models for a future shoot.  It worked and looked fierce.

We see yo a water fall with a pond pump on a pond to give the effect we needed.  We gelled the water with blue lights too.

We set up a baby pool with black material and plastic flowers to get the floating Beauty shots we wanted.

We also had wanted to add a creature from the black lagoon painted by famous body painter Rudy Campos,  Who recently was featured in Skin Wars on TV and he went to the International Bidy painter competition in Austeria.  He kept with our theme and painted Model Sarah with gils and cool effects.  He also painted her with two type of paint.  One look before the water touched her and the other where the paint strips turn to another color after the water hits her skin.  Hats off to Rudy – it took hours to get her ready.


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