The team at Texas Photo Shoot Workshops just wrapped up a Kids Kouture Photo Shoot Workshop for Model Kids and Actors along with Learning lighting Photographer, they all had fun ad what a non stressed event it was.    

We had Four setups for the kids and Photographers to rotate about.  The pink paper set up by international Photographer Stella Coupe was the favorite with the little girls.  There were so many unique props they didn’t get to use them all.


Houston Wedding Photogrpaher Kenneth Bernstein set up a grey pattern backdrop with different color gels to match with the decor of the models attire.  It showed how you can take a typical canvas backdrop and turn it to unique and wow looking.

Renowned Professional Photographer Mark Matthews had us in awe once again by showing us that we can take a paper backdrop and roll it to make unique columns to shoot around.  

Owner of ThePhotoBinder and Texas Photo Shoot Workshops Photographer Marc Binder set up a dark couture setting with a floating curtain window that moved on thread for models to shoot on the black material.

The nine models from ages 4-17 rotates and changes within a three hour time slot to get the most out of looking unique and kouture in their own fun way.  We know those parents go all out with their planning and they all had a great time.

Mentor Photogrpaher Chris Ford showed photographers how to turn the light toward them to give the Stage effect.  He showed many how to keep the face in the light at one side and how to pose the kids to get the best photos ever.

Hats off to all involved!

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