Meet Texas Model Nicole Pope her Interview


We at Texas Photo Shoot workshop have had the pleasure of working with Texas Model Nicole Pope since 2010.  She has worked with us on many concepts and is professional and as you can see very photogenic.  She is all straight-forward and knows what she wants and doesn’t let anyone hold her back.  She is a go-gether type of person and does her homework on modeling.  She is always in shape and always up for any position in modeling.  She is very flexible and keeps it real.  We love her look and if you ever get a chance to work with her – don’t pass it up.  Here are a few questions Nicole answered for us to post in the blog.

Many thanks for your Interview Nicole and we hope to work with you on many more concepts.


How long have you been modeling?

I’ve modeled on and off for about 5 years now

Nicole Pope_BED0233-Edit

How did you get started in modeling?

I was asked to do a photoshoot with pure bred horses for the Houston Polo club. It was my first photoshoot and I was pretty nervous.


What advise would you give teen models and other models that want to do what you’re doing?

Do only what you feel comfortable doing. You don’t have to take your clothes off to model. You also shouldn’t shame the models that choose to. I would also advise everyone to bring a good friend to shoots for safety reasons and to help you out if needed.


What is the hardest/easiest thing about modeling from your experience?

In high school I battled weight issues, and I think I’ve been battling confidence issues ever since because of that. At photoshoots I’d see girls skinnier than myself and I’d become insecure and that can show through photographs. This past year I’ve really learned a lot about myself and come to completely love who I am and appreciate the way I look. I want other girls to stop comparing themselves to each other and appreciate the beauty they have themselves.


What disappointments have you found in modeling? I’m quite disappointed in other models and how I hear them speak about each other. Body shaming is no ok and I do not tolerate it. No one is perfect, and I think it’s very repulsive to hear someone point out another’s flaws. We should all be supportive and help bring each other up, instead of trying to take each other down.


Nicole Pope

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