May 17 we had our 11th annual Studio Pinup Photo Shoot workshop.  This was so much fun with over 7 models in the first session and 6 models in the second session.  We had Mentor Photographers come in to set up lighting and had Paid Photographers come in to help them setup and learn Studio Lighting.


We had color seemless paper for photographers to shoot on and props available for all to use.  There was so much props, we didn’t even use them all.  Models changed every 30 minutes for different looks and changed their hair at times too.  It gave everyone a change to have different photos.


We provided makeup artists and Hair along with Snacks and Lunch for the Models and Mentor Photographers working.  We kept the count low to help all those involve get their money’s worth to Studio Shooting.  We went over model posing to help get the most out their time.

_MEB1362_MEB1339 as Smart Object-1 _MEB1181-Edit-2

It wouldn’t be Texas with out a few Cowgirls and we had the props for it.  Thanks to the models that pulled off the perfect Cowgirl Looks.  We had some very experienced models and some Burlesques models to make the variety of photos of Talent.


All photographers that signed up get copies of the model releases from all the models and makeup artists.  We provide this for all our workshops.  With this we have a group on Facebook and Meetup where we network to give all a change to post their best shots and or a link to their portfolio and website to network with more people.  We keep everything professional and safe for all to work together.


We can’t wait to do this shoot again next year and work with some of the regular models we work with and specialty Pinup Models that just love to shoot Pinups.  Pinup girls are curvy and in the most part an actor in their own act.

_MEB1227-Edit DSC_4505

Special thanks to all the hard work and long hours and meeting details that go into this workshop.  We are all Texas Photo Shoot workshops.


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