TEEN MODEL WISH LIST BOARD featuring Texas Teen Model Cheyenne Bush


 Every teen model should have a wish list of example photos you want to still shoot.  If a model asks a professional photographer for a photo shoot and they get to pick the concept, what would they say?   All Models should have a wish list and if they don’t, then they should make one and always add to it.  Models must have a few simple specific wish lists available and a few crazy ones.  The best way to do this in on an app called PINTEREST.   This is the best thing since Facebook.  If they are set up on Pinterest then they should have account as a Business Account, so they can start making money before long.


Everyone uses the Pinterest.  The hover buttons allows users in Google to pin them back to your account without being on Pinterest searching.   For those that are not familiar, Pinterest allows us to make board of collected photos, videos and websites.  Pinterest lets us make separate boards and name them each accordingly to match our Interest.  That way when someone names their Boards for example “BOHO MODEL IDEAS”, it can be made public or secret so they can add images to them when they see a cool image on other sites.  That way, when the professional photographers asks them to give them some ideas that the model want to shoot, they are able to send them one or two concept boards with images that they want to shoot.


There are so many ideas, but let’s name a few that should be in every Teens Models Wish List.   The top one should be BRIDAL, thou many moms don’t want to see their daughter in a white wedding dress until they are married.  In their case, they are a model and if they want to be hired for a Bridal Promotional Event, it’s a must that should be in their portfolio.  They should have some non-traditional Bridal photos like Trash the Dress Photos or Goth-Dark Beauty Bridals Photos.



Next on their list should be Fashion Photos that are editorial.  It is every teens dream to be published on a Magazine Cover.  The only way you are going to be seen is to take photos in Unique Haute Couture Designs.  Every model should have Haute Couture Images and they can put together something unique or find a local designer that can help too.  So in their model wish list they should have Haute Couture with unique poses.  Once they get these type photos in your portfolio, they can start marketing for those Runway Fashion Shows.


Next on their list should be Sport Action Photos.  These type photos should be done with correctly lighting like a shoe commercial.  Another cool sporting shoot is banging two fists together and hit the white powder dust as it spreads out.  These photos could also help them get work at the local sporting stores that need fit models. 


A must on their list should be a Head Shot but not just a no makeup headshot, a crazy makeup photo.  They should make a wish list on makeup and/or add Sugar Skulls or bald head or Warrior Paint or Goth Dark Beauty.  I could go on with the list.  This will show how the model can look different every time they shoot and can give a client a different unique look to hire them.


The key in Pinterest is to make Boards of Portfolios of your own work along with a wish list Boards for Bridal, Couture, Sports and Makeup.  Teen Models should also have many other Wish Lists that pertain to their field or niche in modeling.  Not all models are alike and some will grow into Swimsuit, Runway, Fashion Print, Commercial Editorial, Pinup, Traveling, Actors and Owners of their own TV show.  But before that is set in stone, they should keep that wish list handy, because it will look better if they have their board ready to share.



Written by: Robin Binder

Author Bio: Known as a Houston based Photographer and owner of Texas Photo Shoot Workshops, she is geared to helping others build their portfolios.   Mother of four, Lifetime Girl Scout, Owner of ThePhotoBinder, Robin was also the editor in chief with OneTalentSource Magazine.  




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